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Our Products

Commitment to quality is at the heart of Honeybrook. It reaches from the latest hatcheries in Europe, where Honeybrook’s own employees process, chill and pack day-old chicks, to the largest producers of rodents where the byword is total Bio-security, to the modern blast freezers capable of freezing 100,000 chicks in 24 hours, to a dedicated freezer delivery fleet thus ensuring quality is always uppermost in our ambitions.

Honeybrook produces over 20 million day-old chicks per year, these are euthanised in machines developed by Honeybrook, working with the humane slaughter Association and the University of Bristol’s animal welfare specialist Dr M.Raj.

Chicks are an ideal basis for the Falcon’s diet. Chicks are easily digestible, contain high amounts of soluble calcium, a good source of moisture and they are easy to portion control. Chicks are chilled as an integral process then boxed and blast frozen within hours of dispatch, it is the speed of process, which differentiate Honeybrook from all other producers.

Quail are produced for Honeybrook from our own hybrid variety producing a bird of large size and vigour. They are fed on vitamin E enriched diet developed in conjunction with leading animal nutritionists to increase the content of vitamin E available for use by your falcon. These quail are not available from any other source being an exclusive Honeybrook product, again they are packed and blast frozen by the quickest methods. Our quail are supplied whole, complete with feather and internal organs, to provide the basis of a healthy casting and the maximum nutritional benefit to your falcon. Internal organs are an extremely important source of vitamins and minerals, for example the liver contains over 90% of the vitamin A content in the carcass as well as many other vitamins that evisceration would remove.

Rats, mice and other rodents are all produced by the leading companies in their field. Produced in a completely bio-secure environment, fed on a quality diet, free from any antibiotics, growth promoters or insecticides. They are an excellent source of non-avian protein. Honeybrook is the largest supplier of these products, this assures availability at times of peak demand.