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Rats, mice and other rodents are all produced by the leading companies in their field. Produced in a completely bio-secure environment, fed on a known quality diet, free from any antibiotics, growth promoters or insecticides. These are an excellent source of non-avian protein. Honeybrook is the largest supplier of these products, this assures availability at times of peak demand.

OUT OF STOCK: Rat pups (Pack of 50)

From: £14.00

Rat fluffs (Pack of 50)

From: £15.00

Weaner Rats (Pack of 10)

From: £6.00

Weaner rats (Pack of 50)

From: £30.00

Large weaner rats (Pack of 10)

From: £7.00

Large weaner rats (Pack of 50)

From: £35.00

Small rats (Pack of 10)

From: £9.60

SPECIAL: Small rats (Pack of 25)

From: £20.00

Medium rats (Pack of 5)

From: £8.00

Medium rats (Pack of 25)

From: £40.00

Large rats (Pack of 5)

From: £7.70

Large rats - (Pack of 25)

From: £43.00

Giant rats (Pack of 10)

From: £20.00

SPECIAL: Soft furred rats (Pack of 10)

From: £7.00