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Poultry Products

Chicks are euthanased in a modified atmosphere of Nitrogen and Argon, a method recognised by the RSPCA Freedom foods as the most humane available when awarding the Allstair Mease Award for improvements in Animal Welfare 2000. Chicks are chilled as an integral process then boxed and blast frozen within hours of dispatch. It is the speed of the process that differentiates Honeybrook from all other producers.

OUT OF STOCK: Wood Pigeons- Steel Shot

From: £1.00

Day old chicks

From: £6.40

Day old chicks (bag of 50)

From: £3.00

SPECIAL: Small prime quail

From: £18.50

Prime quail

From: £22.50

Small wild quail

From: £38.30

OUT OF STOCK: Ex layer quail

From: £18.50

Premium plucked quail

From: £25.80

Grown on chickens (Box of 25)

From: £18.50

Day old quail

From: £12.00